Dry Film Lubricant

Dry film or solid film lubricants are coatings that despite being in the solid phase are able to reduce friction between two surfaces without the need for a liquid lubricant medium. The low friction characteristics of most dry lubricants are attributed to a layered structure on the molecular level with weak bonding between layers. Such layers are able to slide relative to each other with minimal applied force, thus giving them their low friction properties.

Specification Specification Description Company
MIL-PRF-46010 Solid Film Lubricant Lockheed
PWA 36545 Anti Gallant Treatment Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC)
PWA 550 Anti Gallant Treatment Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC)
AS-5272 TYPE 1, 2, 3 Solid Film Lubricant Various
MIL-PRF-46010H Solid Film Lubricant Various
MIL-PRF-46149 Solid Film Lubricant Various
MIL-PRF-81329 Solid Film Lubricant Various
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